Removable Wardrobe Shelves

We wanted a place for the kids to keep their clothes.
They each get a shelf. The beauty of these shelves is
that they look great, are sturdy, and require no
permanent modification to the trailer.

This is the stock wardrobe. I removed the hanger bar. I kept it in case I wanted to use it to hang clothes.
All the pieces for the shelves. The two support inserts and the shelves themselves. I glued the supports and screwed them in from behind.
A close up of one the the shelves. I has a front and rear support built on it. The front one is groved to fit on the front of the plywood, which makes it look more finished.
A better view of the groved front moulding and support.
This is how you put the side support pieces in. They slip in quite easily.
After both side supports are in put in the shelves. I made sure the leave enough clearance beteen the back of the support bars and the rear of the wardrobe to accomodate the rear support on the shelf. The bottom shelf  in the picture is the bottom of the stock wardrobe.
Fully installed.
Close up of a backer block which runs the full height of the waredrobe. I needed to provide clearance for it in the shelving. I also needed to reduce the width of the left support panel to accomodate it.
A detailed shot looking up under a fully installed shelf.
A top shot detailing a shelf.
Another shot a bit further back.
All the new shelves. Five in all. Two original and the three new ones.