The Rossi's house in Jericho, Vermont.

Overview of house construction (just woods) through completion.
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The cleared lot. The view is nearly west.The lot sat in this state for what seemed like forever. Sunday January 30th. Emily and Haley are still excited about the house. The view is to the south.
11FEB99. A view towards the setting sun from the bottom of the basement stairs. You are looking at where the radio shack will be.  12FEB99.
18MAR99. A view of the house from the neighbor's driveway. You can see the kitchen extension pretty clearlyt. The house is really taking shape. I am looking nearly dead south. 25MAR99. Two days later the porch roof is done and shingled.
  31MAR99. Emily, Haley, and Anna get a chance to run around after dance class on Wednesday.   The trim make a difference. Wait until you see it with the siding.
  The siding and trim is all done! Friday May 14th.   Finally took a picture of the finished house. Lots of landscaping still to do. We will be working on that for years.
  Finally took a picture of the finished house. Lots of work yet to do back here as well.

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