KK1L 2x6 Antenna Switch
Relay Unit & Control / Band Decoder Unit
2 Radios to 6 Antennas

"I gotta build me one of them!"
Material on this page © Ronald D. Rossi, KK1L
Parts Sources and Project Files
Mouser Project Files:
Please note: All electronic parts are included in the project files. Any unneeded part can easily be removed from the Mouser order. Chassis or enclosure need to be ordered separately. There are "optional" parts included in the lists.

Controller/Band Decoder Parts
Relay Board Parts
Icom Decoder Daughter Board Parts

Other Parts Sources:
Source for original relays (AZ755-1C-12DE) Master Distributors
Source for original relays (AZ755-1C-12DE) Future Electronics
Source for Relay Board CHASSIS (7112C) LMB Heeger Inc.
Source for Control Board CHASSIS (TG-28) Ten-Tec
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