Tower Raising Party at Ron Rossi's (KK1L) QTH
in Jericho,  VT on Saturday 29 July 2000

  Day One: We got about four hours work in before the lightning got to close for comfort. There were a lot of folks that showed up to help. I was touched and impressed! Thanks to my wife, WJ1Z, N1JEZ, N1BQ, WE1U, N1RYS, K1RED, KM1Z, W1ZK, N1MJD, K1KD, and K1VG. There were two digital cameras, an analog camera, and a video camera there to document the event. These photos are from one of the digitals.

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  Bob, WJ1Z, and Red, K1RED lay out first 3 Rohn 25 sections and base for ground assembly  Red, K1RED (white shirt) follows Mike, N1JEZ (red shirt) up towards the tower base
The rest of the procession up the hill with the bottom 30 feet, Bob, WJ1Z (purple), Ralph, W1ZK (tan)   Our host, Ron Rossi, KK1L, 'in full drag', safety harness, that is!
Beau, N1MJD, signs Bob, WE1Us petition to run again as ARRL VT Section Manager.   Looking over Cliff, N1RYSs shoulder as the guys are laying out and untangling guy cables. 
  More cable unsnarling. Beau, N1MJD, Mike, N1JEZ, Cliff, N1RYS, and Red, K1RED in background   Ron, KK1L, measuring the guys, Mike, Beau, and Red in the background
Bob, WE1U and Fran, KM1Z, have a high level discussion over the low lying tower! The Rohn 25 has been set on a swivel pin and being held up by "Big Dog" Bob DeVarney, WE1U with help from Ralph, W1ZK and Bob, WJ1Z, while the guys are being set.
  One of the three 'guy wire' crews. This anchor is epoxied into the ledge below.  KK1L and the 'guy boss' Mike, N1JEZ, work on the uphill anchor installation. This anchor is also epoxied into the ledge below.
  The third guy crew and Tom, K1VG, in foreground, one of the official "videographers" of the affair.   The "beef trust" keeping the tower up, Bob, WE1U and Brian, N1BQ, if Mike, N1JEZ (in red) eats a few more bowls of Laurie Rossi's chili, he may get to join the "beef trust." 
The guys are finally set, so Brian, N1BQ starts up the tower while Ron, KK1L watches Ron, KK1L and Brian, N1BQ wrestle with the gin pole
Brian, N1BQ, at the top of the 60 feet installed so far.   The result of the day, 6 sections Rohn 25 guyed at 30 and 60 feet
The clearing near the base    

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