KK1L Tower Reconfiguration

Switched from an A3S+40m on the top to a Hygain 402BA (2el40) 11 feet above the top with a TH6DXX 10 feet below that. I took some picutures before, during, and after.
Special thanks to Bob, WJ1Z, for all his help and to my wife for her patience. Also thanks to my father for help getting the 2el40 to the top, and my brother-in-law for help with the TH6.

My homemade bearing. I put a second one of these below on a shelf when I switched to the 19' DOM1206 mast.
The 160m/80m inverted Vee feed point.
The rotator for the antenna position part way up the tower at 62'.
The 62' postion detailing the swinging gate and antenna mount.
Me getting ready to rotate the heavy 19' DOM1026 mast end over end to get it in the tower.
The Hygain 402BA at the top of the mast. I have no pictures of anything between here and getting the mast in. There were only two of us doing the work!
The TH6 ready to get off the ground.
A picture of the TH6 from the other direction. It shows how we kept the elements pointed in the right pitch to miss the guy wires on the way up (for the most part!).
The TH6 on the way up.
The finished product! Again since there were only two of us there are no pictures of the "hard part".
I am half way down the tower taping the feedlines to the tower leg.
A sunset shot of the new antenna pair.