Tower/Antenna Raising Party at Ron Rossi's (KK1L) QTH
in Jericho,  VT on Monday afternoon, 31 July 2000

  Day Two: The day turned out to be fine for antenna work. It was a good choice as the next three days were not very nice at all. There were two jobs to do today. 1) Finish putting up the final 30 feet of tower and guy it. 2) Get the antenna assembled and to the top.

  I had a crew of five show up for the weekday event! Thanks to WJ1Z, N1JEZ, WE1U, N1RYS, and KM1Z.

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  From left to right Bob WJ1Z, Mike N1JEZ, Bob WE1U, Fran KM1Z. Cliff, N1RYS, took the picture. They were getting bored while I bolted on the last section. KK1L lines up the top (9th) section of the tower.
The last section is in place. The guys are attached at the top, but not at the anchors yet. A lot less sway then I thought there would be with 30 feet exposed.   Do you think one of the guys is too tight!?!?
The tower is ready for the antenna. (Exposure note: The backlighting was pretty harsh, so I had to boost the brightness quite a bit.)   KK1L attacing the antenna to the mast. The weather was humid and buggy at ground level. There was a nice cool breeze and no bugs at the top. That was nice compensation for standing at one place up there for three hours.
  KK1L is one happy camper! The tower is up. The antenna is attached. I even got the coax and rotator cables wired up. More than I expected. The coax attach turned out to be a bit of a feat for me alone. I had to figure out how to support over 90 feet of coax while I taped it to the tower and not let go of the haul teeth played a large roll in that job. I ended up with the haul line in my teeth and pinching the coax between the heels of my boots while I used both hands to tape the coax to the tower. Once that was done I had my hands free again! The coax (9913) is heavier than you think.   KK1L climbing down the tower at dusk.

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