A Nice Day for a Climb! Ron Rossi's (KK1L) QTH
in Jericho,  VT on Saturday 19 August 2000

  I had to climb the tower to complete some antenna repairs before the NAQP later this day. I remembered to carry a camera up with me this time. It was a gorgeous morning. Thanks to my wife as famliy band controled third party operator I was able to complete the repair with enough time to get an antenna up for 160m.

  The top of the tower I am standing on is 88 feet above the base. I am standing on the very top.

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The view toward Europe. Between 340 through 40 degrees there is a rise above the antenna height within 1200 feet. These are my worst directions. Unfortunately this does not bode well for catching the very beginning of the European band openings. I would have to raise the antenna another 30 feet to overcome the deficit based on YagiTerrain modelling.


The view toward Africa. Clear sailing in this direction.


The view toward South America and the Carribean. More clear sailing. I am 315 feet over the valley below.


The view toward South Pacific and the southwestern US. I am 315 feet over the valley below.


The view toward Australia and the US. The ridge rises up 20 feet over a 50 feet run before dropping off over 300 feet over the next 600 feet.


The view toward Japan and southeast Asia. Up through 340 degrees is relatively clear. YagiTerrain runs show significant low angle signal.


The view toward the ground!.


Another view toward the ground!. The pole off the right is the support for the 80m inverted-vee. This will become a 160m inverted-vee for the contest. I need to make that into a dipole soon.

  Looking down toward the house. My wife, Laurie, and youngest daughter, Sophia, are saying hi.    

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