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KK1L at the helm to nowhere. This is me, KK1L, at the controls of N1MEZ's FT1000D and KT34XA for the W1B special event station. Not that you could tell, but I am wearing my 1995 California QSO Party T-shirt.

The special event was to commemorate the 130th (or so) birthday of Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley. He was the first person to think to take photomicrographs of snowflakes. He discovered that no two were the same and lived here in Jericho, Vermont.

Notice we are using TR Log for our logging software!

We are DEVO! Are we not men? We are DEVO!!

Man was I the life of the party..lampshade on my head and all. HI HI!

KT34XA...nice! Oh we should all be so lucky. You can't imagine the view from this house! Great vistas and nice RF outlook to boot.

The radio room is through the windows above the garage. Radios were strewn all about the house for the special event though.

Bob has one heck of a HORROR story about a run-in he had with that crank-up. He nearly lost his hand. CRANK-UPS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS!!

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