KK1L 2x6 Antenna Switch
Icom Band Decoder Daughter Card
2 Radios to 6 Antennas

"I gotta build me one of them!"
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KK1L station configuration - How I use these boards.
Icom Band Decoder Daughter Board
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Controller / Dual Band Decoder Schematic (PDF)
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Icom Band Decode Daughter Card Layout (PDF)
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High quality FR4 double sided 1oz copper, masked, and silk screened both sides. Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.3".

A fully opto-isolated interface between an Icom radios analog voltage band data output and the Antenna Switch Controller. The board is designed as a "daughter card" which plugs into the CD4028 socket of one or the other port of the controller. This board takes the place of all the components of one of the two decoders. It can be used as a stand-alone decoder as well!

Construction instructions

Icom Decoder Daughter Board Parts

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