I ship your boards using United States Postal Service (USPS) from Jericho or Essex Jct, Vermont typically using Priority Mail or Priority Mail International using a “Flat Rate Envelope”. Note that the 2×8 boards cannot fit in the flat rate envelopes which is why there is a small upcharge when ordering them. They will ship in a larger bubble envelope.

I typically can get an order out within a few days. Two reasons there may be a delay. In each case I will let you know.

  1. I do not keep a large stock of boards, so I may have to order more to complete your order
  2. I could be away from my home travelling. I do my best for you

The web presence looks pretty good, but I am a simply a hobbyist doing this to provide and alternative for you.

Note: I recommend using PayPal to complete orders outside the US or Canada. Choose “Austria” as a shipping region below for these orders to set the correct shipping charge. I will ship to the address you enter…don’t worry. Unfortunately shipping outside the US is expensive. If for some reason the shipping charged is substantially different than the actual I will refund the difference.